Thursday, 4 December 2014


Come to the Caribbean! Now that you are shivering under blankets and looking out your window at snow and sleet, doesn’t the world of luminous, body-temperature water and sun warmed sand seem inviting?

It’s not too late, but you have to hurry!

You can still join Josette, Angelique, Reverend Trask and Crazy Jenny on this once in a lifetime cruise to five tropical islands, each with its own unique character and cuisine.

Take off from St. Thomas for snorkeling at St. John’s National Park where you can follow turtles and schools of angel fish. Swim with sting rays in Antigua. Roam through the volcano destroyed town of St. Pierre in Martinique where you may stumble across Angelique and Josette in the ruins of the old Opera House.

Gasp at the Pitons of St. Lucia, and hike through rainforests or luxuriate on the white sand beaches. Take a tour to the Seven Sisters waterfalls in the rainforest of unspoiled Grenada, or take a boat to the unrivaled snorkeling of the Tobago Keys.

And this doesn’t even begin to describe the dinners on board the ship! We had a great time last year, but this year will be even better! Guzzling mai tais, dancing at the costume ball, or just kicking back in the tropics, on a new beach every day. Incomparable!

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This is the only Dark Shadows festival until 2016!


  1. Hi, Lara! I am such a huge fan of yours! I own all of your books and I love them so much! I am on the hunt for the complete Dark Shadows tv series. I absolutely adore your writing and I think you are absolutely brilliant! If I ever got the chance to meet you I would be there in a heartbeat! You are amazing! Angelique was by far my favorite character, loved Julia too, but Angelique is my absolute favorite! I nearly cried while reading Angelique's Descent because I felt so much empathy for her! You are a brilliant writer! I could go on and on but by now you probably think I am a little obsessive. To sum up, you are Fabulous!

  2. Dear Casey, What a nice letter. I'm so glad you wrote to me! I hope I get to meet you next year at the convention. Love, Lara

  3. Dear Ms. Parker, Retired Childrens book writer here but recently kind of came out of retirement. Wrote Halloween book & wanted to tell you that Angelique was a little inspiration. Hoping to have it ready for Halloween 2016. By the way, we met in 2013, ( before I was diagnosed with breast cancer), at Mysterious Galaxy. I have you the sketch of Barnabas walking aimlessly past your coffin in the cemetery. Hope you remember.
    Lisa Stevenson