Saturday, 22 June 2013

Wolf Moon Rising Revealed

My new Dark Shadows novel Wolf Moon Rising is released in August. Here's an interview about writing the book, which was originally published on the Dark Shadows News Page...

You've recently completed the manuscript for Wolf Moon Rising. How was the writing process this time around?
Honestly? It was hard – grueling at times. This is a complicated story and there are four or five points of view from various characters, so it was much harder to write. I gave myself a difficult task, to take this whole group of characters and have their stories intertwine.

When you're writing, do you have any tricks to get you into the story?
I always pick a season. For The Salem Branch, it was fall and the trees... This time it's the dead of winter – everything's white and covered in snow. David has a snowmobile he dug out of the garage – he's quite handy with mechanical things. So he drives this snowmobile quite recklessly through the woods behind Collinwood and the sea road on the way to the Old House.

In The Salem Branch, you explored a more adolescent version of David Collins than we saw on the series...

I tend to be much fonder of my own characters – they're much more alive for me. I think that the 16-year-old David is really my creation now. When we last saw him [on television], he was eleven or twelve, but had certain characteristics that are still there. He's quite self-centred and full of himself, and thinks himself to be very smart.

What's in store for him this time around?
There's a romance between David and the young girl, Jacqueline, who are both 16. David is totally besotted – he's so in love with her that he can't think straight. But she's distant, because she's troubled by the fact that she remembers her past lives – she's actually a reincarnation of Angelique. She can remember being in Salem, being on the scaffold and Martinique and swimming in the ocean. She's very schizophrenic and unpredictable.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A Book Signing Near You

My third Dark Shadows novel, WOLF MOON RISING, will be released August 20.

My publicist at TOR is putting together a small book tour crossing the country, and she wants to know where I would like to go. Any ideas?

If you want me to visit your town, I need a book store to contact and a guarantee that at least 25 people will show up. This is my chance to meet Dark Shadows fans who have never been able to come to the festivals. Or to see old friends!

The launch will be in Los Angeles on the day the book comes out, August 20, at the Barnes & Noble at The Grove. The following day, the 21st, I go to San Diego, to Mysterious Galaxy, and then to San Francisco on Friday, August 23, to Borderlands in the Mission District. I'll be in Portland (Tigard) at B&N on Sunday, August 25.

I'll go to Memphis, my home town, and maybe to Orlando.  Hopefully, I'll end up in New York City sometime in September.

If there is a Dark Shadows Fan Club that feels like organizing a signing in their area, please let me know! Your local Barnes & Noble would probably do it if they thought there would be a nice crowd.