Sunday, 22 June 2014

Four New Photographs

Dark Shadows Festival this weekend in Tarrytown, New York - June 27-29 - a day at Lyndhurst and a visit to Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. i can't wait to see everybody there! Thanks to hard working friends, Krista Knicker and Jim Pierson, I have four new pictures that should bring back some memories. (About time!)


  1. I especially love that last one, Lara. Flawless :)

  2. Lara,

    Here's something else, that will invoke memories. Google 'Eugenie Bouchard beats Angelique Kerber'. It's real, happened at Wimbledon.

    There's no way, that Dark Shadows fans out there, will miss the references.

  3. You where the best actress on the show and the prettiest

  4. In June of 2016, I started watching Dark Shadows (never saw an episode before) and love it! What a great show! I am 45 years old and can not wait get home and watch it on HULU. I bought the complete collection just now as I know this is something that I will rewatch for the rest of my life. Bravo!