Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Angelique's Portrait

Dan Curtis gave me this portrait after the Dark Shadows movie was over, and I have kept it ever since. It hangs in my house at the bottom of the stairs.

Many people have said they would like to buy it. Almost every year, before the festival, I have considered bringing the portrait to sell at the auction. That way I could give the money to charity. But I have always changed my mind at the last minute. Just can't let it go. Then the people at Lyndhurst asked for a copy, and I had one made.

Now that it has been scanned, I have offered copies for sale, and I have received many orders. Why are they so expensive you ask? I wonder that myself. The Giclee process is costly, the expensive digital printer, the canvas it is printed on, the huge amount of ink to get the perfect copy. And it is perfect, down to every detail.

Of the three sizes, the largest is the same as the original, but the medium size is nicer for homes. After paying for the print, picking it up in Santa Monica, packing it and mailing it with insurance, I make about $10. Just so you know.

I wish you could meet the printer. He is a little Russian man over eighty years old with a small studio and this big Giclee printer. Every time I give him another order he is gracious and grateful.


  1. Lara, do you any plans to offer prints of the portrait of Alexis?
    That's the one I'd love to have.

  2. So sorry. I don't have a copy of that one.