Monday, 14 May 2012

In Cinemas Now

The new Dark Shadows movie from Tim Burton is now in cinemas everywhere and includes a cameo scene featuring Jonathan Frid, David Selby, Kathryn Leigh Scott and myself. Please go and see the movie and keep an open mind.

I've watched it twice and, I loved it both times. Eva Green is gorgeous and Johnny Depp creates a new and memorable Barnabas. It's gloriously entertaining and lavishly filmed. Enjoy it as another chapter in the Dark Shadows legacy, adding to the joy we have all shared.

To celebrate the release, I've added some new autographed pictures from the filming to the Online Store. Take a look!


  1. Johnny Depp was wonderful as Barnabas, however...more like our Jonathan's son. As for young and attractive as she may be, she cannot hold a candle to you. Even at your age (forgive me!), you are much more beautiful than she. (And I say this as a happily married heterosexual women.)

    All in all, it was a great movie and I can't wait to own it as well as owing the all of the original series.


    Cindy Dodd

  2. I'm very much looking forward to seeing this film next week. Though I think it will still leave me with the feeling that I ought to get a chance with the material, I'm sure it will be an enjoyable time at the movies and something I'll need to get on DVD.

  3. Good to hear that you enjoyed the movie. A nod of approval from the original Angelique is high praise indeed. By the way, I picked up Angelique's Descent last night on the recommendation of a friend. Hope you'll blog a bit soon about how you came to write your Dark Shadows novels.

  4. hello Angelique, no, it's not Barnabus, but it would be interesting to know what you would say to Johnathan Frid nowadays, been a long time fan of the series. if I may ask, what ever became of Angelique?
    and by the way, he may be gone, but are you sure he's not a vampire now? what would Angelique think? one never knows

  5. I was 19 or 20 when I first saw Angelique and I was mesmerized by such beauty. Then I saw you in a witch movie w/ Peter Fonda and you were still as radiant. You played a far more convincing role than today's Angelique. I saw the movie today and I loved it. Thank you for such a fine performance Sam 65