Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Welcome to the New Site

Greetings! I’m so glad you came to my website! I look forward to meeting you online and having a conversation with you. This is why I am launching a new website with a blog dedicated to Dark Shadows fans.

I hope you will write to me and tell me your feelings about my books, ask questions, make suggestions, even fight with me over my characters if you like. I don’t mind a little gentle criticism. I would also welcome any ideas you have for future Dark Shadows novels Those of you who have remained fans all this time must have many stories you wish could be told.

Many of you might be curious about my trip to Pinewood Studios outside of London to film a cameo on Tim Burton’s new Dark Shadows. Or perhaps you want to know what it was like working on the soap opera all those many years ago in New York City.

Happily, my first novel Angelique's Descent (which has been out of print) is being re-released with a new final chapter on April 10, 2012, along with a new edition of The Salem Branch. The third book in the series, Wolf Moon Rising will arrive in bookstores later this year. I am excited to finally have a series of books based on the television show that gave me my start.

Please comment on my blogs and write to ask questions. I want to get to know you!


  1. How exciting on your books being reissued. They're going right on my wishlist especially since my original Angelique's Descent was borrowed and never seen again.

    I just found this new site via a Twitter links and hope you'll blog often. Loving your character on Dark Shadows is one of the things that made me become a writer of paranormal & romance. ^_^

    1. Thanks so much! We writers need to stick together. No one else knows how difficult and yet rewarding it is!

      Paranormal romance? Hm.m.m.m.m...

  2. I can't wait to read your books! I'm so glad you started this site as well.

    I was 5 years old when Dark Shadows came on TV and watched it everyday with my Mom.

    I hope to get to go to one of the conventions one of these days with my daughter, who started watching Dark Shadows on Netflix with me since she was 5, she's now 9.

    God Bless.


    1. Hi Cindy!

      I pity the daughter-less of the world.

      Enjoy your eight year old all you can! My daughter gave me so much joy and still does!

  3. I'm glad to have this opportunity. I love your writing, and I've always had a fondness for Angelique, as awful as she could be, one still could sympathize with her. Plus, she was a strong, intelligent female character who took matters into her own hands instead of just wandering helplessly through the Gothic passages, not understanding a thing :p

    I, too, am a writer, and after quite a long struggle I've finally had a story published in a magazine. A vampire story called "The Inquisitor's Handmaiden". I go back and forth between fantasy, horror, and science fiction, because I love them all. And Dark Shadows has been very inspiring for several of my works, including one I thought of years ago that's only starting to come into being now. The working title is "Selby Manor" (hmmm) and it's sort based on how I pictured the story of Miranda DuVal's corruption.

    As for Angelique's Descent, I'm so glad it's out again. I only had my original copy a year or two before it was damaged (I must have read it five times at that point though). I finally found a reasonably priced copy last year and got it again. Go figure :p I did get the new release on my kindle though. I love the dramatic reading of the book too. It was my introduction to the wonderful Big Finish Dark Shadows line (Final Judgment and the Carrion Queen are two of my absolute favorites, not to mention the Crimson Pearl).

    Eagerly awaiting the Johnny Depp movie and your next novel!


    1. Congratulations on publishing your story! Writing isn't easy; in fact it's grueling, and only those of us who write know that. Horror is a very challenging genre too.

      Thanks for all your kind words. I'm ecstatic that ANGELIQUE'S DESCENT has been re-released. It's because of the movie, naturally, but I couldn't be happier.

      Good luck on publishing!

  4. Dear Ms.Lara,

    While I'm a relative newcomer to the world of Collinsport,I'm also thrilled to find your site.

    I became a Dark Shadows fan through the '91 revival (Which is how I learned a lot about myself as a pre-teen upon seeing Ben Cross),and was instantly hooked.
    Something about that world,and it's gothic romance spoke to me.
    Only now am finally I making my way through the original series. While I love Vicki? I'm dying to get to the 1790s story line.
    I'm already an Angelique fan,and plan on ordering all your novels!

    As a film and television history buff,I would love to hear all about your experiences while working on the show. I'm fascinated by television in those days,especially soap operas.

    Can't wait to see what you're working on next.

    Just another fan,

    1. Hi Case,

      Well it was a long time ago.

      We did a half hour show every day live on camera with four rehearsals. Two in the rehearsal room and one on the set for cameras. Often we skipped dress and went straight to air. The special effects were minimal and primitive. When Barnabas came into the room as a bat, it was a little rubber toy like you find in Halloween shops on a string attached to a fishing pole dangled in the air by an anxious prop man who sometimes stepped into the shot by mistake.

      No retakes. No editing. But the acting was completely real. We never responded to this obviously fake bat with campy, stagy grimaces letting the audience in on the joke. Oh no, the bat was as real and threatening as a rattlesnake and our fear was completely genuine. We portrayed authentic emotions even when talking to zombies or ghosts.

      There’s a beautiful artistic tension there--absurd situations, telling grotesque corpses to return to their graves with total emotional truth--that gave DS its unique tone.

  5. Hi, Ms Lara. How are you? I hope well. I got the new Best of Barnabas DVD yesterday, and saw your terrific introductions on it. Really enjoyed that, as well as seeing you play three different characters on the episodes that were chosen (those being Angelique, Cassandra Collins and Valerie Collins). I am thinking of going to my local library to see if I can find your first two novels. Eventually, when I have the money, I will order those two books. I will also get your new novel when it comes out. Anyway, thanks for the blog. Take care.

    1. I haven't seen the DVD, but thanks for telling me it is out. Please let me know how you like the books if you read them.

  6. Hello from another fan - I discovered Dark Shadows in 1970. My best friend in sixth grade introduced me to it, and I came in during the 1970 parallel time storyline involving Angelique's twin sister Alexis. I was hooked from then on, and was devastated when the show went off the air. Thank goodness for DVDs so I could revisit the entire thing in order.

    I did always think that there should have been some new story line after the end of the 1841 sequence - sure, Angelique died, but she'd died before. I realize Angelique's curse came full circle at that moment, but still... the Barnabas/Angelique relationship was the core of the show.

    I've enjoyed your books - I particularly got a smile out of the ending of Salem Branch. My only quibble was that Judah Zachery is so clearly evil in the show, it felt odd to have his character changed.

    This new movie may or may not have much to do with the show we loved. I guess the original cast is irreplaceable!

    1. Hi Caroline,

      You didn't think my version of Judah Zachery was evil? I thought he was horrendous!

      The new movie is going to be terrific. Different, but terrific!

      EVA GREEN said "Tim didn’t treat Angelique as a baddie baddie but more of a damaged character. She’s s very sarcastic, a sort of Ballsie Barbie. But her evil ways were inspired by the fact that Barnabas broke her heart. Very irreverent with a dark sense of humor."

      My motivation was the same but my interpretation was different. I played the heartbreak more and the sarcasm less. I always wanted to be the heroine. I think she has made her into a real vixen.

      JOHNNY DEPP – People are saying he’s Edward Scissorhands, the Mad Hatter, Morticia Adams, Marilyn Manson, decidedly not Jack Sparrow! But a lot of Beetlejuice, Sweeny Todd, and Ichabod Crane.

      The truth is he is an amazingly versatile actor, inventive, spot on, brilliant in his flashy moments but with a reserve that gives his performances richness and mystery.

    2. It warms my heart to know how inclusive this movie has been of the original series and cast!
      I loved your chapter in Return to Collinwood! I only wish there had been more about your encounter with Eva Green! Still I was overjoyed your experiences on set were shared in the book!

  7. I'm so looking foward to your third book! I can see you're wonderful progression as a writer from book to book. I'm a writer/poet and I know writing can be excruciatingly difficult at times or albeit nauseating! So I give you much credit of it and finishing your masters degree! I think when I meant you I said I would like to read more about Angelique...anything in the pipeline?

    1. Hi Cynthia,

      You are a kindred soul. Yes, this last book was hard, mostly because there are several points of view. But there is a lot of Angelique, although she is in disguise!

    2. I don't know about you but I find myself editing everything I write and rarely being completely satisfied with it! I meant to say "your" progression and there's a typo after that "of" should be "for" before the word credit for example. See what I mean? I'm seldom 100% pleased with what I write. Not to mention my eyes are bad and using the Kindle keyboard is tricky! So glad we'll be reading more about our antiheroine Angelique. If you would like to read a poem I'll post my best one here. It took days to write and weaves a personal experience in with mythology.

  8. It's so much fun hearing from people, but I should let you all know that I am a terrible speller, and there doesn't seem to be a Spell Check on Blogger.

    1. Hi Laura,

      It's so nice to get a chance to talk to you on here. I used to come home from school and watch Dark Shadows everyday, in the late 70's, back when the show was being shown as reruns (I'm 40, so I was a baby when the show ended).

      I've seen the recent trailer for Tim Burton's Dark Shadows, and I feel very disappointed, because his movie looks like it's going to be a comedy. I was hoping that he would go for more of a darker approach, just like he did with Sleepy Hollow.

      My question is... will this movie be as dark as the original series, and not as a comedy, as the trailer would lead one to believe?

      Much Love To You,


    2. I kind of thought the same as you, Stevie, when I first saw the trailer. But then after thinking about it, they have already tried to redo Dark Shadows in the early 90's and no cast or production can compare to the original series. So I think you have to regard this movie as more of Tim Burton's, Johnny Depp's and the rest of the cast and crew's TRIBUTE to Dark Shadows in an updated, Burtonesque style and just enjoy it for what it is.

    3. I am going to give the new movie a shot but I think mostly, I am going to see you guys cameos:)I was so looking forward to the new movie until I saw Barnabas brushing his fangs.. But you just cant compare it to y'all. and I have to say that the chick playing Angelique doesnt hold a candle to you girl! You are the one and only in my book. They should have gotten Charlize, at least she is beautiful. I have loved all of you guys from the start & always will. I am looking forward to your new book. And I hope to get to go to another DS festival. I was at the one in Dallas back in the 80's, got my pic taken with Jonathan, which is so special to me. You take care & know that you guys gave the world something that has lasted over 40 yrs.. now that takes some special people!

  9. Dear Lara –
    How easy it was to fall mad for you whilst I was in college. These days I write for a cable TV conglomerate, and so, I must ask: as you filmed, did you have any idea how revolutionary a program that Dark Shadows was? All right, at the time I was less impressed with the format than I was with you; but I never missed an episode nevertheless, thank you very much. Still, looking back it was extraordinary, you should be very proud. Well done, Lara! Terrific to find you over the years ...

    1. No, we never dreamed we were creating one for the ages whilst we were doing the show.

  10. Hi Lara,

    I still have fond memories of sitting at your table at a DS convention banquet in New York several years ago. I enjoyed every convention I attended in NY and LA, and that one was particularly special.

    So many writers already responding to you here! I've had the pleasure of getting to know Kathryn Leigh Scott after she published one of my books. The market and publishing have changed so drastically since then. What are your thoughts on digital publishing and reading books on tablets like iPads? I can see the convenience, but I guess I'm still a traditionalist when it comes to books. I still prefer turning real pages to digital ones.

    Best of luck with the revised site!


  11. Dear Ms. Parker,

    I found your blog courtesy of Kathryn Leigh Scott and feel honoured to be able to write to you. I enjoyed immensely The Salem Branch. You really caught the feel of the show and yet made it more vivid. Your words created the production values in my mind to see it larger, in the "real" world outside of a sound stage. The other thing I loved about the novel is that you know the voices of the characters so well, I could hear them (yourself included) spoken by the original actors.

    My introduction to Dark Shadows came sometime in the spring of '67 when I was 5. My mom never missed it. I have to say that the scariest character on the whole show was Rev. Trask. The fact that he was only human and not supernatural and yet inspire such fear was what made him so frightening. Dark Shadows had quite an impact on me later as an artist. It's probably also the reason why I own wind up gramophones, have Victorian clothes in my wardrobe and why the subject of my paintings is lost Gothic romance.

    In 2008, I did my own portrait of Barnabas and then blogged about what he and Dark Shadows meant to me. I haven't updated the blog in awhile probably because I'm too busy painting. In case you're interested here is a link to the page on my site and my blogspot blog about the portrait.


    I look forward to your next book. I've enjoyed your thoughts on Dark Shadows in the DVD interviews and what you've written in the DS companions/almanacs and Return To Collinwood. I've been buying the DVDs about every two weeks and I've found the core stories hold up so beautifully. Forgive me if I wish that the new movie had considerably less attempts at "sly farce" and more of the tragic romance we loved so much in the original.

    kind regards,
    Patrick Lynch

  12. Dear Ms. Parker,

    I too was one of those teenagers who ran home to watch Dark Shadows after school. I was able to see the series from the beginning on tv to the very end. Sadly I was at a convention for a school group, in a room with numerous other teenage girls, listening to the daily broadcast of DS. ( We couln't get the picture to come in). I have to say we all screamed when the announcement came that we were hearing the last show. Years later when Syfy started running the series I would watch all summer hoping to actually see the last show but I would always have to return to teaching school before that one last show aired. When I finally had tivo, Syfy was no longer running the show. My husband purchased netflix for me so I could watch the series on that but they only have a limited number of shows now.

    I was a huge fan of Anelique and always wished she and Barnabas would end up together. I didn't know you wrote novels till I found this website. I will have to get those to read this summer during school break.

    I'm so glad Tim Burton included some of the original cast in this new movie. I'm holding my opinion on that one till I see it. Trailers are very funny but I hope the whole movie is not like that. I am a syfy geek and I like the horror too.

    I will say this. You made the character of Anelique, she is yours. I watched the 91 version on tv and found myself comparing Angeliques. No one will ever play her like you and that is good.

    Best wishes and take care.

    Bonita Sink

  13. Hi Laura, I just love you and your books are the best. Your evil laugh as Angelique used to send chills up my spine when I was a kid. I just wanted to say i love you and can't wait to see the Burton/Depp movie next month.
    I also write DS fanfic and it is not easy being a writer.
    But I love to write, Have a great day hope to hear from you soon, love you Patti

  14. Hi Lara, I was so excited to see a movie coming out but I am very disappointed with the cast. I am sure Johnny Depp can do an excellent Barnabus, but they have him looking far more like Beetlejuice or Scissorhands. And Eva Green as Angelique? Does not matter how good of an actress she is, not in a million years. Michelle Pfiffer should have been cast in that role. You will be a hard act to follow & the casting seems all wrong, very off to me.
    At least the movie should make the original series more availaable.
    At any rate, I just bought your books & looking forward to them. I was 8 when Dark Shadows came on & was obsessed with it. I had always planned on naming my daughter Angelique but never had one.
    Thanks for everything.

  15. Welcome to the world of bloggers! I've been at it for four years. I'll post a blurb at my blog (Armand's Rancho Del Cielo) telling people you're here.


  16. Welcome aboard Bloggerland Lara! Use to watch you on Dark Shadows the few times I seen it! I have "Kolchak: the Night Stalker" series on DVD, including "The TreVi Collection" which you and the late actress Nina Foch starred in and I enjoy watching on it! I wish you a lot of success with your blogsite!

    God Bless,

  17. Dear Ms.Parker

    I used to watch you guys every day at my fraternity house, when I was in college at the U of SC. Dark Shadows was truly the best show ever and I'm spending my retirement watching DVD's of the show all over again, and being amazed at all of things I missed. I used to fight 65 other guys for a seat in our tv room. We all had a crush on you and those amazing eyes of yours. I must admit that I was the head "Crushee," and still am. We adored you so much so that in 1968, we made you our fraternity "Sweetheart" (Kappa Sigma). I'm planning on attending my first DS festival at Tarrytown and hope to meet you and Ms. Scott. It's so sad that Mr. Frid will not be there, but I'm sure you two will make sure that he will never be forgotten.
    Thank you for all of the wonderful memories of a very special time in my life.
    God Bless You!!

  18. I recall you saying something about the appeal of DS being tied to the central love triangle of "the vampire...the witch...the virgin"? DS is etched in our culture because they're based on ancient archetypes and Dan was so wise albeit "visionary" for bringing enduring classics to the masses. It would be interesting to read a Freudian and/or Jungian perspective on the success of the show. Sometimes when I look at Jonathan the Shakespearean actor in a suit I see a resemblence to my father. Now how Freudian is that!?

  19. Dark Shadows is my favorite soap series! I am lots of my cicles miss the origional series! The new movie remake comes at a very difficult time for some of us that love Barnabas! He not only gives us a fright,he was also a great loving person that only Jonathan can do. The kindness of a Barnabas was seen by so many of us! Thanks for your years of hard work entertaining. <3

  20. Thank-you for you honest & candid discussion about Jonathan Frid and how he was in his final weeks. I hadn't realized that he was failing health both physically and emotionally. I guess I just kept thinking of him as the Barnabus Collins I have always remembered. I have on occasion visited his website, but again, I hadn't realized he was unwell. Knowing he is now in a happier place makes me feel better. I will always remember him & you on Dark Shadows with deep fondness.

  21. In this video, the origin of Angelique's Evil can be revealed at last. It seems that, once upon a time, she was married to a guy who was such a JERK that when the family finances went south, he actually tried to blame it on HER for using too much shampoo (!!).


    "Sorry honey, we COULD have made the payment for both the rent and my new Cadillac this month, if you hadn't used so much Prell."

    She made her first voodoo doll later that same day.

  22. Finding out about the Passing of Johnathan Frid brought back childhood memories for me as an inner city youth in the 1960's. We would get off the schoolbus, go up 16 stories via elevator to our apartment and immediately turn on Dark Shadows. It was, and still is the only Soap Opera I cared about. I watched in childhood horror the mishaps of Barnabas, and Quentin and the schemes of Angelique(Sp). Now I am grown, married and the publisher of my first book. I am so happy, in the midst of the sadness surrounding Mr. Frid to find you here and discover the real person behind the scheming witch. thank you so much for the childhood memories and may God bless you richly!!

  23. wow ! most cool ms parker, ill have to pick up those books.
    ESPECIALLY considering you wrote them, which will lend an authentic dark shadows feel to i'm most positive.
    my earliest memories include hiding behind our couch scared of barnabas and noticing that you were the most beautiful creature i had ever seen.( but kissing # 4512458) lolol...im so incredibly sorry jonathan passed, as is everyone im sure.he changed the future of all vampires to come by portraying the reluctant vampire.
    as much as id like to meet you i fear i'll never be able to travel to a convention.-sigh-
    enjoy the premiere of the new movie , although i'm gonna strangle tim burton personally for making THE american gothic horror classic too much comedy.
    many smooches, rich lasseter

  24. well ms parker finally glad to see both this site and the books.the book ad/interview on dvd set 25 turned me onto it.
    my earliest memories(1968 at 4 yrs old) include peeking up behind the couch scared to death of barnabas -lol-and being trained to think all witches were as INCREDIBLY beautiful as yourself.(buttkissing number 45789854)lolol-
    did i sound a tad like gerard stiles character there? god i hope not....i couldnt stand him very much.but that was in fact what the writers intended eh?...i remember in one interview you said that yourself and kate jackson could barely keep from cracking up at the lines at times and i could almost picture it and chuckled...
    glad to hear of the books,especially written by yourself,as i feel they will lend an authentic dark shadows feel to them of course.i will read them.ive written a short story about one of the ancient giants right before noah's flood who was denied access to the ark,and his struggles to survive as the waters engulf him; and his giants pride swearing revenge upon noah's family.it's a cute little ditty lol-
    i wish i could meet you someday but alas-i doubt i'll ever be able to attend a conference.im a talented voice over person who cant seem to break into anything.
    i wish you much luck with the novels oh most beautiful ms parker---muuuuahhhhhh
    rich lasseter
    toob_amp_stereo@yahoo.com or toob1@live.com

  25. Dear Lara, Hi, I am Steve, a 49 year old cotton farmer from MS. I am WAY overdue writing to you for the 1 st time ever. I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how much I have loved your work on Dark Shadows.
    My sincere condolences on the loss of your friend Mr. Frid. The story you told about your little groups cameo in the film was extremely touching. What a wonderful and sensitive thing to share with the fans, many like me... who may have never written...but feel like ya'll are almost like family to us.
    CONGRATULATIONS on the "new" all time highly deserved attention the original series is receiving due to the movie. ENJOY the PREMIERE ! We are all so proud of you. PLEASE try to get a good photo with Kathryn in front of one of those giant "D.S." cardboard stand-ups I have seen at a theater. (With the chair built in for photo's!) My gosh Lara, you ladies are as absolutely gorgeous as you ever were ! Is there some sorcery at play here ? Should ya'll look younger than me ? "Dorian Gray" indeed !
    Congratulate ME Lara... I got the Limited Edition box set of all 1227 episodes . I look forward to watching all 475 hours of it ! It MUST be a record breaker with 131 dvd's . BRAVO !
    That "cliche" of the kids running home from school ... it is so VERY true. I could only catch the last 15 minutes. Thank goodness I do not have to run now ! I need to add that "Barnabus" was not the only reason we were running . I think you have always been one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen . That is why I found it no suprise that you are a southern girl. The true beauties always seem to come from here. We southern men are ruined !
    How great to meet ALICE COOPER ? What a nice guy he is ! I know he was THRILLED to get to meet Mr. Frid since I know he is one of Alice's personal heroes ! I have tickets front row center for Alice June 8th and you better believe I will have my "DARK SHADOWS" t-shirt on ! (Old school FRID shirt baby !)
    Well... my "hello" has run too long but I'm just glad to be able to tell you how I felt. I am a long way from the festivals, but I hope to get to meet you some day. I am thrilled that I may be able to order some signed items from you ! I will treasure them always .
    Once again... ENJOY the premiere ! Congratulations again and I wish you every happiness!
    Your eternal cotton farming friend from MS .
    ALL THE BEST, Steve

  26. Dear Lara....Your comments & tributes to Jon Frid are beautiful. In brooklyn "2011" festival was my first time attending the DSF. Back in 1969 I went to the set with my brother & I met You, David, Grayson. My fathers cousin was stage manager for D.S in 1969 (Edward Melton). Any way i bought & read your book "The Salem Branch" that you signed for me at last years fest. I just got your first one from the barnes & noble book store that Kate Scott was at a few weeks ago.I'm looking forward to your new one. What I want to say is Yes, Jonathan Frid was the reason Dark Shadows hit the roof in ratings........BUT....It was YOU & Jon together that made the show such a big hit!!!!What I am trying to say is Now it is You that should carry the Torch (as they say) to keep it going for many more years! After your New Book comes out Will you consider writing a book on your life Before, During & After the Shadows.
    I'm sure thousands & thousands of fans feel the same way. After all, back in the days you were juggling 2 young children, broadway, plus Dark Shadows all at once.Then after it was over you Uprooted yourself & family to California & started working there.Then a new marriage & life. You are the WOMAN like Jonathan was the MAN that made Dark Shadows so special even today. You will get the tributes now that you most certainly deserve. I anyone should walk the red carpet on May 7th it is YOU!!!
    The Torch is in Your Hands Now Ms. Parker!
    The Best.....
    Kathy K.

  27. Hi Lara, Just picked up the DVD's! Im so happy they have made a Fans Favorites DVD...and "The Best of Barnabas", watching them reminds me so much of some great memories. Your costumes are so beautiful...the long purple dress looks so beautiful on you..Maggie's as well...when you come down the stairs to show the family. Thanks for having you new blog ...RIP Jonathan Love and prayers, D.Cullin

  28. Hi Lara, I'm glad to see you have another book coming out. I have read all of them and have enjoyed them very much.I was 7 when Dark Shadows first aired. My cousin used to chase me around the house saying "Barnabas is going to get you". I was sad to find out Johnathan had passed away. My mom was not a big fan of the show (she passed away last January) so how appropriate the new movie is being released on her what would have been her 77th birthday you know how I'm going to celebrate lol. Angelique and Barnabas were my favorite characters and I still enjoy watching it. Looking forward to seeing you in the new movie.

  29. Dear Lara, I just got my copy of The Salam Branch and I am soooo excited to start it. I told my daughter about it and she asked if it was like Twilight... I told her no... these are real vampires, they dont sparkle! lol. Thanks again so much for helping to keep Dark Shadows alive. My next search is for your Wolf Moon Rising. I also am going to take your advise & check out the new DS movie.. But I will be wearing my REAL Barnabas t-shirt :) You take care & may God Bless you & your family, Debrey

  30. Hi Lara,

    I came to your site via Kathryn Leigh Scott's site. I always thought how a pretty, sweet-looking person like you could be so bad (LOL). There were times I felt bad for Angelique, having to do bad to get what she wanted.
    Much continued success with your writing. I look forward to seeing your cameo in the new Dark Shadows movie.

    Best regards,


  31. Hi Lara!
    I love the new site! I am also glad to see you have new pics for sale! I love the way you are still creating Dark Shadows stories, and really appreciate that you and the other cast members are so fan friendly, thank you for your graciousness especially in that regard! A very fan friendly site, your personal interaction is very exciting! You have a great insight to the characters of Dark Shadows, which makes your continuing stories more interesting! I read Angelique's Descent, and Especially enjoyed that it had been written by as far as I'm concerned, "Angelique" herself! I also liked that it had some erotic moments, that made me feel a little naughty reading, that were very enjoyable too!! I look forward to reading The Salem Branch, and Wolf Moon Rising, with much anticipation as well! Thank you for your awsomeness, amd God bless you and your family!

  32. Henry James wrote a short story called "Berkeley Square". It was about a man intriqued with a portrait of a beautiful woman maybe an ancester in a house they both once occupied. On a stormy night he time travels back 100 years to meet her. The 1st movie starred Leslie Howard circa 1941? The second one was in color and starred Stewart Granger I think. Dan wove this into DS with the portrait of Barnabus and Vicky's time travel during a seance. Just one classic he brought to the masses.

  33. Oh, see?! Had I followed your blog earlier, I would have known about Angelique's Descent being in print again! I purchased The Salem Branch about 5 months ago, but was waiting to read A.D. first.

    See you Sunday, I hope.


  34. Hi Lara! I love the new website! You and all of the cast from Dark Shadows are so nice, and fan friendly, it's really COOL!! I am happy you decided to keep the Dark Shadows story going! I have read Angelique's Decent, and enjoyed knowing that the book was written by who I consider "Angelique" herself! I think having been involved in her character so well gives you great insight, and made it special! I look forward to reading The Salem Branch, and Wolf Moon Rising, and think maybe if you want another Angelique book would be a nice addition to your creative endeavours! Thank you for your awesomeness, and being so nice to us who admire you!
    Thomas Bates

  35. Being an original DS fan for over 40 years I never realized how much class and elegance you put into your character till I saw the new DS movie with Eva Green playing that role. I did not like her portrayal at all!! I thought I could watch it with an open mind, but I failed miserably! I will stick to my DVD DS original series and won't go see that movie again. Love Burton and Depp but love ALL the original characters best! Debbie

  36. Just doing a Google search for the actors on DS and found your Blog; a pleasant surprise indeed. I remember my mother watching the first few years of DS and, at 6 years old, I wasn't too interested UNTIL the vampires, witches and werewolves started showing up. Then I was hooked. Of course, when you showed up, even as a young boy of 7, I knew gorgeous when I saw it. I've been watching the old shows on Netflix for the last year or so and my wife and son (18 years old) just roll their eyes when I do when I call them in to watch a scene. They may not get it but I absolutely love watching Dark Shadows. I takes me back to a far different time in my life; which is so much of it's attraction. I've already told our son and daughter that your books are my expected Father's day gifts. Living in Southern Idaho, we rarely get the chance to go to conventions or book signings so I'll just say a heartfelt thank you for the great memories and I look forward to reading more of your thoughts and memories here.

  37. Hi Ms. Parker, I enjoyed seeing you and the rest of your DS co-stars in the new "Dark Shadows" movie. I had a great time seeing it. The movie tops the 1991 DS revival series. I hope you had a great time working on the movie and hope that you'll be acting again in the future. I bought the Salem Branch and plan to get started reading it soon. Keep up your great work. Dan

  38. I agree with Debbie. I enjoyed the movie, but the highlight was seeing you guys walking through that door. It was
    disappointing however, it was just a split second. I wish there had been dialogue between all of you. I was 8 years old when Dark Shadows debuted and I absolutely loved Barnabas. I would sleep at night with the covers up around my neck, I was so scared, but I LOVED it! I wouldn't miss it for anything. Thanks for the wonderful entertainment for me and my classmates who everyday at lunch time discussed the happenings of Dark Shadows...You guys were the best!!!!

  39. Hi Lara!
    I was able to see the new DS movie on Sunday and really enjoyed it, although there was not enough of you in it and the storyline was a bit different. Maybe there will be outtakes and profiles when the DVD comes out? I am saddened to hear of Jonathan's passing, only finding out about it after seeing the movie. While watching the movie and seeing you & Kathryn, what looked like carrying Jonathan, I was thinking, "what the heck?". It was all too obvious when I found the news.
    Even though Jonathan carried the original DS series, it was your character of Angelique the vampire that got me hooked. But then again, I am a guy. Someday I hope to meet you and get an autographed picture. Maybe my wife will let me attend a DS convention or attend one of your personal appearances. 'til then, maybe you'll do some more acting? Thank you for the great memories!
    -Dan Shay

  40. Hi Lara!
    I've been trying to post on your site but it doesn't seem to work, I'll try again.
    Anyway, I was able to see the DS movie on Sunday and really enjoyed it, although there was not enough of you in it. Your write-up on Jonathan Frid was eloquent. I didn't know that he had passed until the day I saw the movie. It was obvious that JF carried the original DS series, but you and your Angelique vampire character was what hooked me on the show. But then, I am a guy and guys usually like gorgeous women. Maybe when the DVD of the DS movie comes out it will have extras which will have more of you in it. I can't wait! Maybe some day I will get to meet you in person.
    Thank you and please do some more acting.
    Dan S.

  41. Love the new website.. Quick question about your store do you accept money orders?

  42. Love the new website.. Quick question about your store do you accept money orders?

  43. Hi Lara boy I have been trying to post something to you 3 times but it's not working maybe because I'am writing from a Iphone ? Just want to say I thought you were awesome as Angelique back in the 60's when Dark Shadows was on TV every day and you still are today !! I love you Lara !! If this dosn't work this time I gona go out back and ask someone to drive a steak through my heart LOL

  44. Love the new website.. Quick question about your store do you accept money orders?

  45. Hi Lara it's me again this is my 4th try I think this time is gona work I keep trying to comment and nothing happens when I try to post but this time I think I've got it so here gos
    I loved watching Dark Shadows back in the 60's even had my Dad watching it and he only liked watching Bonanza and Gunsmoke most the time but at 4oclock we were both sitting in front of the old Magnovx (black&white)TV looking for that beautiful witch who tormented Barnabus ,Angeligue ,we both had a crush on you ! I just recently saw the new movie I liked it and as you had said Johnny Depp is very talented actor my favorite was Donny Brasco.The movie was very entertaining but I wish the cameo scene ofYou, Johnathan ,David and Kathyrin was longer .I am so happy that I have this opprtunity to tell you that I will love you forever and hope to be purchaseing your new book soon .Dear God please make this one post this time

  46. Dear Lara hi i'am having the hardest time posting on your site would you believe I work in the Information Technology Department at a casino resort in upstate new york ?lol
    anyway Lara I just wanted to say hi to you when I was a kid back in the sixties I watched Dark Shadows every day My dad watched the show with me and my little brother and all 3 of us were madly in love with the very beautiful Angelique .I didn't keep up with Dark Shadows after the show ended in 71 but I had to see Johnny Depps movie especially for the cameo of You and Johnathan,David,and Kathyrin wish you all could of had more of an appearance .You still are very beautiful and I will be purchaseing your newest book soon it's so wonderful that I was able to write to thankyou for having this blogg to give me the opportunity to have said hi to you luv ya Angelique ,
    Tony .

  47. Hey Lara!

    I just preordered your 3rd book for my Kindle. I meant to ask you if you ever saw "A Darkness at Blaisdon"? A precursor to DS before 1967. Also, the short stories by fans of Grayson are quite good and available on a website dedicated to the "Julia Hoffman" character. Of course we all know that originally the character was named "Julian" and a typist omitted the "n" by mistake.

    Sincerely Yours,

  48. Lara or should I say Lamar, do you remember the Pink Palace and the Little Theater located in the basement swimming pool? I seem to remember a high school level play that you were in along with myself and Blanche Pope in the early fifties. If you do remember, I have some 8 X 10 photos of scenes that I believe have you in them. I also followed the Dark Shadows TV program during its run.

  49. Dear Ms. Parker,

    I've just read The Salem Branch and enjoyed it very much. Since you asked for comments and gentle criticism, I'd to share with you my observations. It's obvious that your writing style includes the abundant use of various descriptive adjectives. But I thought it was done in excess, so much so, that I found it difficult to focus on the narrative. I also didn't understand why you changed your writing style in the last chapter. Until the last chapter, you were very deliberate and methodical in advancing the story line. But then you varied from this approach and your tempo seemed to shift into a higher gear, as if your editor was pressuring you to hurry up and finish the book. Was this truly the case, or was this a conscious decision on your part? Did you use this same approach in your other novels?

    Ray Abdalla

  50. Hi
    Mrs. Parker
    I wanted to let you that I have read the books...Angelique's Descent and The Salem Branch both were awesome books. I think that you have captured the show so well. I have read them both 2 times and I am waiting on the Wolf Moon Rising. I hope that you will do few more books in relation to Barnabas and Angelique & Julia.
    I just love your writing style. Thank you very much for
    all you do.


  51. Hi Lara
    I absolutely love you in Dark Shadows. You are a superb actress. I am reading Angelique's Descent and I am in love with the book, you are a amazing writer. I am going to read your other two books and any books you decide to write in the future. :)

  52. Dearest Ms Parker!
    I have to say this site is wonderful!!! I wanted to tell you that you are the most beautiful, baddest witch ever!! LOL

    I am looking forward to this site growing!! I was 10 when I started watching the show! I was memorized! I felt like I grew up with you all. You all are like family to me! Now 55, I still watch the show! I have almost all 200 vhs!!! Yup! VHS! And others like bloopers, Best of Barnabas, etc!

    I too was saddened so much by Mr Frid's passing..oh it was awful & to read what you, Mr Selby Mrs Scott & others it brought tears to my eyes.

    Oh! Before I forget...Good Luck with this site! I am sure it will be great! And, I couldn't afford to buy your books from your site, but I bought on Amazon: Dark Shadows: Wolf Moon Rising (pre-ordered!), Dark Shadows: Angelique's Descent & Dark Shadows: The Salem Branch .I was wondering if I send them to you, with post to return, would you autograph them for me!!!! I would be so honored!!!!!

    Thank you!

    God Bless!

  53. Hello Lara, please could you let me know if there's any other way of paying for merchandise, such as through Paypal. Thank you.

  54. Hi lara! I just noticed that Stuart Manning who has Thw Dark Shadows Journal on line, (one of the very coolest sites on the web in my considered, and humble opinion!) was invilved in writting the first five issues of the newest Dark Shadow comics! I think it would be realy cool yf you, and Kathryn Lee Scott would consider working on the comic! I will badger the publisher,if you say yes!!

  55. When I was very young, I would run home from elementary school to watch Dark Shadows.Unfortunately, the show started at 3:00pm and I got out of school at 3:00pm...so I missed so many episodes...if not most episodes.....but I do remember one in particular that I would like to order and re-watch so I can relish that memory....the episode I am referencing is when Thayer David has the hand that is more powerful than Angeliques powers....but Angelique can focus on the hand and keep it at bay, but cannot fight Professor Stokes' power at the same time...I would like to know the episode number....I think you were the best thing about DS....I hope they are able to release the restored version of NODS too..Thanks so much for your time in reading this comment...

  56. Hi Lara hey where u been ? I finished reading Aneliques Decent is your latest out in stores yet?
    I love you Angelique !!

  57. Ms. Parker, I have really enjoyed your acting from when I was a little kid watching Dark Shadows. There is something magical about your voice, especially when you were Angelique and casting spells. Stunning!

    I was absolutely blown away when I bought and read "Angelique's Descent". The entire story about her life and how an ordinary girl and woman ended up becoming a powerful witch and why Angelique sought this. After reading the book (years ago) I had a multi-dimensional understanding about Angelique. The history of her life fills in the blanks that we hadn't known before.

    Furthermore, your writing is superb! Last August (2012) I bought The Salem Branch book. I loved reading it, and now I am hoping that you will continue writing. Your talented writing draws people in. Sometimes we think of actors as being just that, almost seen as one-dimensional. Clearly, your intellect and thorough stories shines through.

    Thanks for being you. :-)

    Tom Freeman, an American living in Belgium

  58. Dear Ms. Parker,
    Thank you for all the characters you have played in DS. You are so talented and beautiful. I started watching all the episodes about a year and a half ago with my husband and daughter on Netflicks. We finished with the ending but wished it never ended!!! Wish DS could have gone on until now.... My daughter purchased your CD's for me, which I can't wait to listen to. She is also purchasing "The Salem Branch" for me. If I went on boats, I would love to meet you and the rest of the cast on the upcoming Halloween Cruise. My husband and I hope to go to the Festival in NY. It would be lovely to finally meet you! God bless you Ms. Parker and your family and thank you for all your wonderful entertainment you have given us with DS.

    Laura Vellucci

  59. Hi there Lara, I missed the book signing of 'Wolf Moon Rising' do to a previous engagement. I am an original DS fan and have missed going to the Festivals here in Los Angeles. Hope to see the DS cast at a Festival soon. Would love to receive a autograph copy. How would one go about doing so? Your other books were so juicy. I was enthralled in them as I remember being when Dark Shadows first aired. We fans thank you for all you do to keep us fed with our Dark shadows fix. For myself, it's a world I can escape to. I love visiting Collinwood.

  60. Reading "Angelique's Descent" and loving it! I greatly enjoyed "The Salem Branch", too. I can't wait to tie into "Wolf Moon Rising" and eagerly await more. Your writing is spellbinding and I can hardly put the book down! I never got to see DS but I think it is time I did. Thank you for your wonderful stories that take me far away from the everyday world!

  61. Hi Lara. Just finished reading Dark Shadows The Salem Branch. Picked it up for some beach reading. Am longtime fan from the years of the show. Had to tell you how impressed I was by your book. Couldn't put it down. Excited to read the other two now. Thank you so much for the many years of pleasure you and the rest of the cast of Dark Shadows brought to me and my friends. Now I have found an amazing author to follow also. Thanks again Lara.

  62. Hi Lara, Rereading Angelique's Descent until I get the Salem Branch. Wonderful. Thanks for making yourself available. Best wishes

  63. Going to read all three books in "parallel" to viewing the entire series on DVD. Re-watching these shows is like travelling back in time ;)